Lei Wang

New adventures of QMC for fermions, UCAS, Beijing, 2016 Aug

Deep Learning and Quantum Many-Body Computation, Marburg, 2018 Feb (lecture note, tutorial codes)

Generative Models for Physicists, ITP, Beijing, 2018 Oct (lecture note)

Deep Learning for Computational Scientists, CSRC, Beijing, 2018 Nov (tutorial codes)

Deep learning by the lake, Song Shan Lake, 2019 May

Machine learning in condensed matter physics, CRC183 Summer school (1.5hx3 recordings), 2021 July

Flow models: a computational physics perspective@c2sml.cn, 2021 May (recording)

Unlocking the power of the variational free-energy principle with deep generative models, 2nd Summer school for ML in CMP, Aug 2022

Genertive AI and molecular simulation, DP technology, Nov 2022

Genertive AI for Science, 127th CCF ADL on AI + Science, Dec 2022

Machine learning for physicists, A crash course at IOP-CAS, Spring 2023

Generative models for physicists, YITP Kyoto, Nov 2023